You might experience circumstances outside of work that requires you to focus more time. Or you are planning the journey of your life. Whatever you want to do with your time, we want to offer you the flexibility to do it.

  • Every employee that has been working with MOSTLY AI for at least 18 months can take unpaid leave under certain conditions.

  • Consequently, unpaid leave can be taken once every 18 months.

  • There is the need to align with the manager, who needs to keep business needs in mind. It’s a possibility that a request for a certain time will be denied; however, MOSTLY AI is committed to making this possible for everyone (regardless of position).

  • Maximum amount of unpaid leave is 1 month. It can be combined with a maximum of 4 weeks of regular paid vacation, making it for 2 months off in total.

  • The lunch allowance during unpaid leave is not paid.

  • Unpaid vacation proportionally reduces the allowance of 25 paid vacation days .

Only relevant to employees hired in Austria (blue star) :

  • Employees stay fully insured during that time. MOSTLY AI covers the cost (insurance and other employment fees) during unpaid leave.

  • Unpaid leave does reduce vacation day calculation base and base for 13th and 14th salary accordingly.

Only relevant to employees hired via an Employer of Record (EOR):

  • The People team will engage with the EOR to find out more about your country’s requirements for this type of leave. Please note that the law in the jurisdiction in which you are hired overrules this internal policy.

Only relevant to freelance contractors:

  • The monthly bill should reflect the days of unpaid leave. Please deduct the number of unpaid leave X Daily fee.

Daily fee formula:

Monthly fee / 22 days (this is the average number of working days in one month) = Daily fee