As a People Manager, it is part of your role to help MOSTLY AI be fully compliant with Austria Labour Legislation and this includes the time tracking.

We know it’s a bit boring, so let’s just do it and cross it from your to do list! 😉

Who should fill in the time tracking hours?

Employees hired in Austria, with an employment contract with MOSTLY AI Solutions MP GmbH.

Managers (Leitende Angestellte) reporting directly to the CEO are an exception and do not need to do this.

Which tool do we use to record the time tracking hours?

We use Personio! You and your direct reports can read more about the process for teammates here.

What are the responsibilities of a People Manager?

Manage (approve / decline) the time tracking of your direct reports in a timely manner.

You can do this on a weekly basis or on a monthly basis (whatever works for you and your direct reports!) but this needs to be completed by the last working day of the month.


  • Block time in your calendar in the morning of the last working day of the week (or the month).
  • Track if someone didn’t fill in the working hours of the week/month and chase them. Ask them to complete it by the end of the morning, so you have time to check and manage it in the afternoon.
  • Before approving the requests submitted by your direct repots, please note:
    • Ideally, a maximum of 38.5 hours per week has been booked.
    • A break of 30 min after 6 hours of work has been booked. 😋
    • The project “home office” has been selected (otherwise the 300€ / year stipend won’t be paid 😭).

Time tracking Webinar 23 February 2023

Supporting video and presentation available for Ⓜ️ostlies.

Thanks for reading and supporting MOSTLY AI!