As a people leader you are a multiplier of our effectiveness to communicate internally. Therefore we depend on a cascading communication architecture.

“Cascading communication is a process that defines how all stakeholders will receive aligned and accurate information. It starts with the senior team and is cascaded down to direct reports throughout the entire organization.

Leaders decide together what messages will be passed down to whom, who will be responsible for passing along the message and when and how the message will be delivered.  

Using cascading communication we can ensure all stakeholders will receive an aligned and accurate message anytime there is information to distribute or changes have been made. 

  • Before sending a communication please consider the type and mode of your communication:

    • Mission critical: MOSTLIES need to reconfirm that the information is understood (Slack DM, Email, signed doc,…)

    • Critical: Manager needs to make sure that the information is shared and understood (1:1, Slack DM, Email,….)

    • Non Critical: Information can be shared via less formal mode of communication (Slack Channel, All Hands)

  • Avoid writing to your team after working hours - use the message scheduling feature