“Leadership Circle” is our format for exchanging, discussing and aligning on leadership tools and principles.

It is a great opportunity to share knowledge and expertise among the leadership team of MOSTLY AI

How to get started?

When you want to raise a topic, consider the following steps

  1. Check the Leapsome Agenda and add your topic

  2. Share the topic and a clear “problem” statement, so that others know what to expect and can prepare. Eg.

Instead of “1:1” you could rephrase it:

  • How frequently do you have 1:1?

  • Do you use a standard agenda?

  • How do you ensure that 1:1 are useful?

  • What can you do if your direct report does not show any interest in 1:1?

When applicable, you can also provide pre-readings, or a short intro to the topic to ensure a meaningful discussion. (The time together should be used for discussion and exchange of ideas, not for presentations)

Which topics can be raised?

In general, everything that is related to leadership!

This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Leadership principles: helps to create a consistent approach to leadership.

  • Leadership tools: resources or strategies that can help leaders improve their effectiveness and achieve their goals. 

  • Real examples: you can raise a real example and discuss scenarios (before or after the event). Please respect privacy rights!

What is required from you?

  • Raise relevant topics

  • Active participation

  • Openness

  • Comfortable to feel uncomfortable

  • Disagree but commit

We will use this discussions and exchange of ideas to create our own Leadership principles and Leadership toolbox.

We will codify the findings on confluence and use it to build a culture we all want to work at.