General information on social security in Austria:
As soon as you are employed in Austria you get a social security card called eCard. With this card you can choose a doctor who has a contract with ÖGK (Österreichische Gesundheitskasse).
Every visit to the doctor/outpatient clinic and a stay in various hospitals begins with the insertion of the e-card. It is most desirable to always have the card with you! The e-card can be used by any contracted doctor (dentist, specialist, or general practitioner) and any contracted institution. During a vacation in Austria and the EU, let the doctor in charge know that you are vacationing.

Health care:
When you need to go for a health check, choose a family doctor (Praktischer Arzt) next to your home address. Be careful when choosing as some doctors can be private, so better to confirm on phone before registering. If you need a specialist, you will be given a doctor’s referral.

You can search on for a doctor near your place. For example:

Filter: ÖGK to find a doctor who has a contract with the social insurance ÖGK:

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Health problems:
If you get sick and you need a drug or a sick leave confirmation for the company (after 2 days of sickness) call your family doctor to make an appointment.
If you get sick at night (7 p.m. and 7 a.m.), on vacation or on the weekend and need a doctor, call the emergency doctor service. Just dial 141 on your phone! You need your SSNR, your home address and tell exactly which health issue you have. They decide if they send a doctor or the ambulance.

Severe health problems:
If you have serious health problems (heart attack, severe dizziness, ...) you should dial 144 immediately. The hotline sends an ambulance and, in case, an emergency doctor.