About this Policy

Also as a fully-remote company, MOSTLY AI is committed to ensuring the health and safety of staff and anyone affected by our business activities.

This policy does not form part of any employee's contract of employment and we may amend it at any time. We will continue to review this policy to ensure it is achieving its aims.

Your responsibilities

Also in a fully-remote setting, all staff share responsibility for achieving safe working conditions. You must take care of your own health and safety and that of others, observe applicable safety rules and follow instructions for the safe use of equipment.

You should report any health and safety concerns immediately to your line manager.

You must co-operate with managers on health and safety matters, including the investigation of any incident.

If possible, create your own workplace. If that is not possible, at least separate optically.

The table and chair should be set correctly, and a screen should be at the right eye level.

The table should not be overloaded.

Try to integrate plants. They improve the room climate and ensure a pleasant atmosphere.

Go to work mentally too. Dress as if you are going to the office when you are at home.

Separate private from professional as best as possible. Make private calls after working hours.

Make to-do lists and set priorities.

Establish a core working time so that your colleagues know when you can be reached.

Avoid interruptions. Don't be disturbed by a running TV or music.

Take a break, eat lunch regularly and remember to drink enough. In the home office, you quickly forget about it.

Strive for routines. A regulated working day is half the battle!

Call it a day! Turn off the laptop at the end of the day and get your desk ready for the next day.

Get some fresh air at least once a day! Get moving - even if it's just around the block.

Sit down in a café from time to time and meet colleagues to brainstorm!

Information and consultation

Where appropriate, we will inform and consult with staff regarding health and safety matters.

The People and Operations Department is responsible for informing and consulting employees about health and safety matters.

Computers and display screen equipment

Since you use a computer screen or other display screen equipment (DSE) habitually as a significant part of your work, you should try to organise your activity so that you take frequent short breaks from looking at the screen.

You must use equipment in accordance with any instructions given to you. Any equipment fault or damage must immediately be reported to your line manager.

No member of staff should attempt to repair equipment unless trained to do so.