The buddy is one of the most important roles for a successful onboarding!

A buddy will:

  1. support the onboarding plan and solve any blockers;

  2. engage with the different teams - Engineering, Sales, People & Operations, Product, Marketing and Strategy - and invite the new joiner to join the next team meeting;

  3. provide formal and informal guidance to the new joiner on the culture and social norms of the team;

  4. give insights into the day-to-day activities of the company;

  5. share technical knowledge about the team and the company;

  6. support new joiners whenever they have questions or concerns;

  7. just be there and chat. ☕


Likewise, the buddy also plays an important role during the offboarding.

A buddy will:

  1. facilitate the knowledge transfer to the successor. Please ensure the documentation is saved in the team shared drive.

  2. engage with the Manager and the People team and assist with any pending tasks