We believe in the power of remote collaboration, but we also acknowledge the value of in-person interactions to strengthen relationships and foster creativity.

MOSTLY AI is committed to helping our teams connecting and bonding. At the end of the day, we’re a team of professionals who are looking to build relationships of trust and collaboration with our teammates.

We cherish in-person moments too, where we can see our teammates as whole people by literally seeing (blue star) them and not just looking at their faces while on a Zoom call.

What’s to note is that when it comes to bonding time, we are all about quality over quantity, so we said goodbye to the watercooler chat, but we still (try to) meet in person twice per year.

We make use of that time to work together but also to have fun!

See below more information about each event and reach out to the People team if you want to play a (more) active role on them.