MOSTLY AI embraces a remote work culture that allows our team members the flexibility and autonomy to work from any location that suits them best.

Currently, we have a small physical office space available in New York (WeWork c/o MOSTLY AI Inc., 222 Broadway, 19th floor, New York, NY 10038, USA).

Working hours & online meetings

Working hours are flexible but there should be a wide number of overlapping hours across the members of one team. This should be aligned with the manager.

Meetings should be scheduled during overlapping hours with all members of a team.

Distributed teams are often inundated with meetings, leading to decreased productivity and focus. Before scheduling a meeting, carefully consider its necessity and its purpose. We believe in fostering a culture of thoughtful communication and collaboration, where meetings are reserved for situations that genuinely require real-time discussion and decision-making.

All Ⓜ️ostlies should set their working hours in their Google Calendar. This way colleagues will get a warning when they are trying to schedule meetings outside of overlapping hours.

  • Team meetings are manage by each team.

  • Cross-functional opportunities to meet and work together include but are not limited to:

Home office

MOSTLY AI supports all employees in setting up a productive space to work:


We believe in the power of remote collaboration, but we also acknowledge the value of in-person interactions to strengthen relationships and foster creativity:


We are a growing, distributed and fully remote team, which means that it is absolutely key for us to define our ways of communication and document expectations.

Everyone is responsible for both adopting the communication guidelines and holding others accountable for following them. This means that whenever you see a teammate forgetting a guideline, it’s your responsibility to help them remember what is our practice.

Helpful resources: