This page describes a few policies that are only applicable to employees hired in Austria. (blue star)

Time tracking

In some countries (such as Austria) the tracking of working hours is regulated by law and obligatory. Please find here a quick manual how to track time.

Should you be located outside of Austria you DON´T need to track time in Personio.

Should you be employed via EOR Remote you might be required to track time according to the local legislation.

  • Go to your Personio account and and click in “Profile” the tab “Attendance”.

  • Select the day you want to track the time. A new window will open.

  • Add your start and your end time for example: Monday - Thursday


Please note that according to Austrian laws you are not allowed to work for more than 10 hours per day.

  • Please select the Project “Homeoffice” - this is necessary for the Austrian tax regulation

  • Add your lunch break of 30min.

If you work more than 6 hours you are required to take a break of 30 min. This does not need to be exactly after 6 hours. Eg. Your working day is planned from 8:00 am - 3pm you will work in total more than 6 hours but you can decide when to take the break. It can be already at 12:00 (after 4 hours of work)

  • Click save and your record is saved and pending approval from your manager.

There are two ways how you can track your time in Personio

  1. You add you time daily

  2. You do this once a month (e.g. at the end of the month before you need to submit it for approval)

  • Go to the first day of the respective month and add your working time, lunch break and assign it to the project.

  • Save the entry.

  • Click on the 3 dots and “Copy Hours”

  • Decide whether you want to copy it for all your working days or just for specific days like Monday to Thursday and Friday differently


  • Please make sure you ticked the “Project” box.

Please make sure that you have all types of time offs (sickdays, vacation, company holidays, PTO,…) entered to the system before you copy the working hours.

Change of address

Your payroll information, as well as the health and accident insurances are linked to your regular home address in Austria.

If you change your address:

PERMANENTLY within Austria

  • You are responsible to update your address on:

  • People & Operations team - Send the Meldezettel form via email (info about the Meldezettel can be found here)
  • Personio
  • Wiener Linien

Wiener Linien

Die Adressänderung kann selbst im Online-Ticketshop durchgeführt werden. Dafür wird ein Online-Zugang mit verknüpfter Jahreskarte benötigt. Sie benötigen hierfür nur:

  • Einen logwien Account:

  • die WienMobil-App – diese ist bei iPhones über den „App Store“ und bei Android-Smartphones über „Play Store“ unter der Eingabe „Wiener Linien“ downloadbar

Mit den Zugangsdaten können sich die Mitarbeiter*innen im WienMobil Ticketshop einloggen und unter „Mein Profil“ die Jahreskarte verknüpfen, sowie die persönlichen Daten verwalten.Schriftlich ist die Änderung per E-Mail (, per Fax (+43 7909 9973999) oder mittels Briefsendung möglich.

  • The People team will update your address with the following providers:

  • Payroll provider
  • Edenred


Please engage with the People & Operations team to understand the changes this will have in your employment.

TEMPORARILY within Austria

If you have a trip planned inside Austria and you plan to work for a few days from a different address in Austria, there’s no need to report it.


You must engage with your Manager and the People team, at least 15 working days in advance, so we can assess with the due authorities if this is possible.

*Example of a request for a temporary change of address:

Maria Doe’s lives at her registered address in Avenue ABC. 12/3, 1234 Wien, Austria.

Maria will travel to her parents for a Summer break 😎 and work from there, while enjoying her parents famous shrimp recipes. 😋

On 10 July 2020 Maria liaises with her Manager and the People team:

Hello, People team

I would like to request to work from Street XYZ. 98/7, 4321 Nice, France, from 21 - 31 August 2020.

I hereby confirm that this location meets the IT requirements, as well as the health and safety conditions for me to perform my work safely.

Looking forward to hearing from you, hopefully with an approval of this request.

Best regards,

Maria Doe

The People team will engage with the employee for an agreement to be signed and the due forms to be filled.

The People team will then liaise with the due authorities to understand if there are any issues with this destiny or if the employee can work from abroad while maintaining the protection / coverage.

Please be mindful that many factors play an important role in connection with the employment of employees abroad, even if it’s temporary.

Different rules will apply to specific countries: EU countries, countries with bilateral agreements and other countries with no special agreements.

If you are travelling to a country not approved / without bilateral agreement with Austria, you will be responsible to buy the due insurance.


MOSTLY AI payroll provider - Ecovis - will send you the payslip every month to your email address.

The file is password protected, please put your e-card insurance number (“Sozialversicherungsnummer”) to open it. That number is typically in the format 1234DDMMYY where DDMMYY is your birthdate.

Collective agreement

Applicable to employees of service providers in the field of automatic data processing and information technology for the area of the Republic of Austria.

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