Recruiting Strategy:

Our recruiting strategy is based on these fundamentals;

  • Building an attractive employer brand that is trusted in the market. This is a collaborative effort between the Talent Acquisition team and the Marketing team.

  • Build an efficient hiring process.

  • Identifying quality talents through various channels, that align with culture and values, and support our growth, to build a competitive pipeline.

  • Creating a candidate experience that is inclusive and eliminates biases.

Recruiting Process:

What do you do when you have a new hiring need?

  • When a manager identifies a need for a new hire, he/she should communicate this to the Talent Acquisition team and a briefing call should be scheduled by the TA partner.

  • On your briefing call, TA will also provide insight on the going market rate in particular to the role and any other market industry findings (Intake document template)

  • Managers must also ensure that all the basis are covered with particular to the role requirements and responsibilities, by putting together a detailed job description in the form of a candidate persona, that would be published (Job description template)

  • Once this is done, TA partner takes over and manages the processes of recruiting. Please note, this is also a collaborative effort between TA and managers.

 Recruitment stages:





New Applicant

First screening of incoming CV´s, selections based on hard facts on the CV

Talent Acquisition (TA)

24 hours

Hiring Manager Review

Hiring Manager screening of inbound and outbound (if not pre-interviewed from TA) candidates

Hiring Manager

24 hours

Intro Call - Talent

First interview with the candidate, TA checks on cultural fit and “Basic” technical know how - based on predefined questions


5 working days

Intro Call - Manager

Deep Dive into the responsibilities and requirements by the hiring manager. Potential additional interviews can be scheduled at this stage (like peer interview)

Hiring Manager


5 working days

MOSTLY AI Challenge

Practical exercise the candidate needs to prepare and present to the Hiring team in order to increase comparability and quality of hiring. (see example TA Partner)

Hiring Manager

5 working days

Peer Interview

Assigned a peer from a team you collaborate with to interview. The goal is to better gauge further how the candidate would fit the role, the team, and the organization from a peer’s perspective.

Hiring Manager

2 days

Bar Raiser

Someone outside from your department who will work closely with or worked with similar roles in the past, to avoid hiring biases.


5 working days

Reference Check / Employee Screening

Not for all, but for more senior roles we will conduct an informal and formal reference check.


3 days


Complete the offer doc, obtaining the final approval and presenting the offer after decision was made. 

Hiring Manager 

2 days

Offer presentation

TA prepare offer presentation and schedule a meeting to  make offer presentation to candidate

TA & Hiring manager

1 day

Please note that the order and the number of interviews vary depending on the role and seniority.

Referral Program:

Involving everyone in recruiting activities is critical for the growth and success of the company. Every MOSTLY acts as sourcer, recruiter and brand ambassador.

Why is recruiting in everyone's best interest:

  • Company success

  • Working with the very best people in the industry is just awesome

  • Personal development

A few things you can do:

  • Update your Social Media profiles

  • Reach out to former colleagues, customer, vendors...

  • Help building a strong employer brand

  • Review MOSTLY on Kununu and Glassdoor

What is a referral

A potential candidate you think fits to MOSTLY AI.

Referral Bonus

We reward successful hirings of referrals with a bonus payment of 5.000€/$

Eligible for the hiring reward is everyone who referred the candidate (excl. Interns), except if the referral
is coming from the Hiring Manager or People.

How to refer potential candidates for any of our roles

Should you have anyone in your network that you would like to refer for any of our roles, here are the steps to do so;

  • Log onto Lever with your profile (all Mostlies have a Lever profile. Should you not have one, please do ask the People team);

  • On the top right on Lever, under the Candidate tab you will find the “+ ADD CANDIDATE” tab. Click on this tab to reveal the “ADD REFERRAL” option;

  • On the next page, you will be given an option to upload the referral’s profile and also capture their details, which includes; their full names, contact numbers, email, their current company, as well as a link for their LinkedIn profile, etc.

  • Similarly, you will also have to provide your details as their referrer and your relationship with them.

  • Once these details have been captured, you will need to choose which position you are referring them for, and then “SUBMIT REFERRAL”.

  • Should you struggle with any of these steps, please feel free to reach out to the People team.

HAPPY REFERRING!!!(blue star)