Share a generator

Share a generator

Once trained, a generator is a shareable asset that you and others can use to create synthetic data. You can share your generators with anyone inside and outside your organization.


You can share a generator as soon as you click Start training. This means that the status of a generator must be different from New.

If you use the web application, you can share a generator from the Generators page or from the generator's page after you open it.


  1. Share a generator in one of two ways.
    1. On the Generators page, open a generator and click Share in the upper right. MOSTLY AI - Generator - Share generator from its page
    2. On the Generators page, hover over a generator, click the kebab menu, and select Share. MOSTLY AI - Generator - Share generator from Generators page
  2. Add a person or a team to give them access. MOSTLY AI - Generator - Share generator with users and set permission level
  3. (Optional) Set the access level for each person or team.
    • Owner. The user that currently owns the generator. This can be the creator or another person to whom the ownership of this generator was transferred to.
    • Editor. Editor users can update the generator name and description and generate new synthetic datasets.
    • Viewer. Viewer users can view the generator data and model configuration and generate new synthetic datasets.
  4. (Optional) Click Copy link. You can share the link with anyone outside your organization.