With MOSTLY AI, your journey to synthetic data starts with the training of a generator.

What is a generator?

A generator bundles the training of Generative AI models and the definition of metadata about your tabular data (table schemas, table relationships, and data types) to enable you to generate brand new synthetic datasets.


Generative AI for tabular synthetic dataTrain Generative AI models on your original tabular data and generate high-quality and privacy-safe synthetic data
Multi-table datasetsYou can train generators on multi-table datasets and configure them to retain intra- and inter-table correlations and referential integrity
Multi-source dataTrain a generator on tabular data from multiple data sources
• files (CSV, Parquet)
• databases
• cloud buckets
• Pandas DataFrame objects (with Python client)
Support for multiple data typesConfigure data types for each table column to ensure your synthetic data captures your original data types
• Categorical
• Numeric
• Character
• Datetime
• Geo-location
• Text
Time-series and events dataTrain models on sequential data and retain the events patterns and coherence from your original data
AI training settingsConfigure AI training speed and accuracy settings
SharingShare generators with peers and colleagues to empower them to generate and analyze privacy-safe synthetic data