Hardware profiling

Hardware profiling

Depending on the datasets you need to synthesize, your hardware requirements for MOSTLY AI can differ. Review the results from the MOSTLY AI hardware profiling tests to understand how different data and machine sizes impact memory usage and the duration of AI training and synthetic data generation.

Memory usage

MOSTLY AI - Hardware profiling - Memory usage


MOSTLY AI - Hardware profiling - Duration of AI training and generation

Terminology reference

PULLPull data from data source
ANALYZEAnalyze original data
ENCODEEncode data based on selected column types for AI training
TRAINTrain AI models
GENERATEGenerate synthetic data
MODEL_QAGenerate quality reports for each AI model
DATA_QAGenerate quality reports for each table of synthetic data
FLATAI model for subject tables
SEQUENTIALAI model for linked tables (time-series and events data)
SUBJECTSRecords in a subject table
Sequence lengthNumber of linked table records that belong to one subject
Target columnsNumber of linked table records that belong to one subject
Column cardinalityNumber of unique categories in categorical columns