Manage connectors

Manage connectors

In MOSTLY AI, you can manage the connections to all of your synthetic data sources and destinations from the Connectors page.

View saved connectors

To view all existing connectors, select Connectors from the main menu.

Connectors list

Edit a connector

You can edit the saved connection details for each connector.

This might be necessary only if MOSTLY AI encountered errors when saving the connector or when the connection details for a database or cloud storage bucket have since changed.


  1. On the Connectors page, click a connector.
  2. Update the connection details.
  3. Click Save.

    MOSTLY AI checks if it can establish a successful connection. If you see an error, check the connection details, update them if necessary, and click Save again.

    You can disregard any errors by clicking Save anyway to save the connector details.

Delete a connector

You can delete any of your saved connectors as long as it is not in use by a generator or a synthetic dataset.


  1. On the Connectors page, open the kebab menu and select Delete. Hover over a connector and select Delete
  2. Click Yes, delete connector in the confirmation window.