Download a synthetic dataset

Download a synthetic dataset

Use the Download synthetic data button for a completed job to download the generated synthetic data.


  1. On the Synthetic datasets tab, click the Download synthetic data button for a completed synthetic dataset.
  2. In the pop-up menu, select to download the data as a CSV or Parquet file. Download synthetic data as CSV or Parquet


The download starts and the synthetic data is downloaded to your computer. The synthetic data is compressed in a ZIP archive.

If you download in Parquet format and a synthetic table contains more than 5,000 records, the synthetic table is partitioned into a separate file for every 5,000 records. For example, if a synthetic table users contains 15,000 records, your ZIP file includes the folder users and three partitioned Parquet files:

  • users/part.000001.parquet
  • users/part.000002.parquet
  • users/part.000003.parquet

What's next

You can review how to read the QA report and understand the quality scores of the generated dataset.