Synthesize uploaded files

Synthesize uploaded files

If you have a dataset saved in a local file (in CSV, TSV, or Parquet format), you can use it to generate synthetic data with the steps below.

The steps below show how you can use the drag area on the Home page to upload a single table (that can also span multiple files).


  1. On the Home page, drag the dataset file in the area under Upload files. Drag dataset to Upload files area
  2. Under Upload files, click Proceed.
  3. Select a destination for the generated synthetic data.

    In this case, make the generated synthetic data available for download as CSV and Parquet files.

    1. Select Output settings. Select Output settings
    2. From Data destination, Select Download as CSV/Parquet Output settings - Select Download as CSV or Parquet
  4. Click Create a synthetic dataset. Click Create a synthetic dataset


MOSTLY AI redirects your browser to the Synthetic datasets tab where you can track the status of the synthetic dataset.

First generated synthetic dataset

What's next

After it completes, you can preview and download the generated synthetic dataset.