Use as a data destination

Use a connector as a data destination

When you configure a synthetic dataset, you can specify a destination where you want to deliver the generated synthetic data.


Create a connector for a database or cloud storage bucket and select Destination under Connection type. You can use all supported databases and cloud object storage providers as a destination for your synthetic data.

Connector - Select Destination under Connector type


  1. From the Synthetic datasets tab, click Create synthetic data.
    • Select Upload a file to upload your files and click Proceed.
    • Select Use a catalog to select a catalog that you want to use and click Proceed. MOSTLY AI Start job - select Upload a file or Use a Catalog

      When you click Proceed, you begin the synthetic dataset configuration.

  2. (Optional) Review the configurations in Data settings, Training settings, and Output settings tabs.
  3. Select Output settings. MOSTLY AI Start job - select Ad hoc or Catalog
  4. For Data destination, select a connector that you want to use as the destination. MOSTLY AI Start job - select Ad hoc or Catalog

    You can deliver the generated synthetic data to a different destination type from the data source. For example, you can use PostgreSQL as the data source and deliver the synthetic data in Snowflake.

  5. Click Create a synthetic dataset.


When the job is complete, the synthetic data is delivered to the selected destination.