Use as a data source

Use a connector as a data source

To use a connector as a data source, you need to create a catalog with the connector and you also need to select which tables you want to synthesize from that data source.


Create a connector for a database or cloud storage bucket and select Source under Connection type. You can use all supported databases and cloud object storage providers as a data source for your original data.

Connector - Select Source under Connector type


  1. In MOSTLY AI, select the Catalogs tab. MOSTLY AI Start job - select Ad hoc or Catalog
  2. Click Create catalog. Select the Catalogs tab
  3. Select a source connector and click Next.
  4. Add tables to the catalog.

    For more information, see Create a catalog.


You now have a catalog that uses the selected connector as a data source.

What's next

With the catalog in place, you can click Next and configure the catalog job settings including the selection of a destination for your synthetic data.

You can then start the training and generation of the synthetic dataset.