Mock data

Mock data

You can configure MOSTLY AI to generate specific columns in your tables with mock data values. Mock data is dummy data that is randomly generated. The generation does not use an AI model, and the data is not based on the characteristics of the original data.

You can mock data with a variety of data types and formats. For example, you can generate random names, addresses, or email addresses.

Mock data can be useful for testing purposes where you want to have data that looks like real data and has the right format, but where you care less about detailed statistical properties and how they are retained.

You can configure any column in a synthetic dataset to contain mock data. The underlying data type of the column does not matter. For example, you can generate email mock data for a column that contains numerical data.

The following sections describe the available mock data types and formats.

As Mock Data is randomly generated data, any columns that are configured as mock data are excluded from the QA report.


Generates random names from the English language. You can pick one of the following formats:

Full nameGenerates random full names from the English language.


'Norma Fisher'
'Jorge Sullivan'
'Elizabeth Woods'
'Susan Wagner'
'Peter Montgomery'
First nameGenerates random first names from the English language.


Last nameGenerates random last names from the English language.




Generates random, life-like IBAN bank account numbers. They conform to the official format, are of the expected length, and have a valid checksum. All IBANs start with GB.


Generated IBANs that turn out to be valid in real life are purely coincidental.




Generates random emails that are structurally correct.



Generates random address information. You can pick one of the following formats:

Full addressGenerates random address details.

Each full address is formatted as a string containing a street name and house number, city, and postal code. The structure resembles US addresses, but the generated address is not a correct US address.


'48764 Howard Forge Apt. 421\nVanessaside, PA 19763'
'578 Michael Island\nNew Thomas, NC 34644'
'60975 Jessica Squares\nEast Sallybury, FL 71671'
'8714 Mann Plaza\nLisaside, PA 72227'
'96593 White View Apt. 094\nJonesberg, FL 05565'
CityGenerates random cities with made-up names that do not exist.


'West Tammyfort'
'West Donald'
CountryGenerates random countries. The majority are actual countries that do exist in the real world.




Generates random numbers.

Set the range by specifying the minimum and maximum values. To specify the precision, enter the number of digits after the decimal dot in the precision field.

The numbers are equally distributed within the specified range and do not follow any specific distribution.

Custom string

Generates random strings based on a string pattern.

Format your string using the # and ? symbols as placeholders for random values:

  • Number signs (#) are replaced with a random digit (0 to 9).
  • Question marks (?) are randomly drawn from the characters you entered in the Character range field. All characters need to be explicitly entered, no ranges are supported.


'Telephone: +1 (###) ###-####'
'Company ID: Company ????????'
'Transaction ID: ???-####-?######'


Writes a constant value. Enter the value to be written in the input field. The value can be of any data type (number, string, etc.). Special characters are allowed.

Row number

Writes the row number.