AI-powered Synthetic Data surfaced as a solution to an ever-growing gap in the understanding of our customers. As we’re shifting away from brick-and-mortar stores into the online realm, so do our interactions with the customer. We can no longer rely on the conversations that occur after a representative greets them in a store, where customers generally express their intents, share their needs, and where representatives can test the assumptions they have about them. And privacy regulations such as GDPR and CCPA make a deep understanding of our customers even harder.

But how does synthetic data precisely service this gap? What can we understand with it that we otherwise wouldn’t?

Consider all your knowledge and how it guides you in your environment — whenever you’re in an airport, you’ve likely witnessed family reunions of people from continents other than your own. Even though you might have never been on that continent or have any first-hand experience with their culture, you may have certain assumptions about their backstories, family roles, mannerisms, and what they will have for dinner.

These assumptions are fueled by third-hand sources, crafted by filmmakers, novelists, journalists, and anthropologists. Their knowledge assets are the result of deeply engaging with their culture; by going there, interviewing them, and studying their customs, habits, and roles in society.

Their findings become the source of the stories they create — from the set decor, costumes, scenarios, and mannerisms that you see enacted in your favorite movies, to the context provided by news anchors to world events.

Each of these products are chunks of coarse, approximate synthetic data. The fictional characters and news contexts that conveyed the insights that informed your assumptions at the airport, were carefully crafted by highly trained experts upon the findings from their engagements with a specific community.

AI-powered synthetic data generators treat your customer data in a likewise manner. Analogous to the research activities of filmmakers and anthropologists, it not only diligently studies all the demographic features of that particular population, but also their customs, habits, and mannerisms if their behavioral data is available.

The difference is that the resulting synthetic data has a far higher resolution than what the manual efforts of experts ever could achieve. Each customer in the original dataset can yield one or more fictional characters, and the behaviors are mapped onto the characters in such a way that the original customers are no longer re-identifiable.

When considering the gaps in your customer understanding, AI-powered synthetic data enables you to make accurate and actionable assumptions about your customers and provide services that are seamless to their customs, habits, mannerisms, and intent.

Depend on evidence of privacy preservation, rather than trust

Our AI-powered Synthetic Data solutions have inherent business value. Today’s data management and sharing practices require highly bureaucratic procedures. Data access requests are marred by laborious, and often manual anonymization procedures, which need to be handled on a case-by-case basis. Moreover, other than to trust that this process will somehow guarantee privacy, there’s no way to understand from the resulting anonymized data whether there are any re-identification risks.

Our solutions are able to tell whether such risks are present in the synthetic copies of your customer data. Each generated synthetic dataset comes with a QA report. It provides an in-depth analysis of whether its fictional characters are genuinely fictional, or whether they retained information on actual customers, or bear too much similarity to them. In those cases, the synthetic dataset would be flagged as unusable as it poses a re-identification risk.

Confidently share your data assets internally and with partners.

Your business-critical data assets are the basis for your digital transformation initiatives, and making them accessible across departments will bring them to new heights. Our synthetic data solutions can shape digital transformation into a tangible and concrete idea, upon which stakeholders can develop clear insights on the impact and benefits of these initiatives.